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2 Aug 2018

English to Chinese Translation Services in Singapore

WhizWordz has more than 14 years of experience in English to Chinese Translation Services for all documents and vice versa. Regardless of whether you require certificate, legal, technical or medical translation, WhizWordz has the requisite capacity and capability to meet and exceed your expectations.

Also, we have translated numerous personal documents for various individuals and they have mostly been accepted by the relevant authorities. For a quick, easy, convenient and hassle-free solution to all your translation needs, WhizWordz is the optimal choice.

For expatriates and workers who are new to Singapore, do your documents require Chinese to English translation for work, business, immigration and educational purposes?

Have you encountered difficulties and frustrations when your documents and certificates were rejected by authorities and officers because they were not up to standard?

Imagine if you only need to visit one website or company to solve all your translation needs into Chinese to English, regardless of what your final desired outcome is. Wouldn’t that be great?

Business owners and online marketers may want to view our related content in order to understand why choosing us for translating marketing and other material is a great choice:

You may be vaguely aware that Chinese and English are widely spoken languages, but are not too sure of how many speakers there really are.

According to Wikipedia, Mandarin and English are the top two languages by the population of native speakers. The Washington Post also reported that there are nearly 2 billion people who speak either English and/or Chinese, making this pair the most populous in the world.

List of languages by number of native speakers

Totals for Languages that include bilingual speakers

The Chinese language has been around for a few thousand years. The earliest forms of Chinese characters looked very much like pictures and drawings, and they have evolved gradually to the form that we are familiar with today.

Though there are tens of thousands of Chinese characters, you do not need to know every single one of them to be conversant in the language. Knowing about 3500 of the most commonly used characters and using them effectively will allow one to be fluent.

Due to various historical, social and political reasons, there are currently two written forms of Chinese used in the world: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.  Simplified Chinese is used in China, Singapore, Malaysia and many other parts of the world, while Traditional Chinese is mainly used in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The key difference between these two languages is the way they look and are written, with minor differences in meaning due to the influence from local cultures. Hong Kong’s Traditional Chinese has been influenced by Cantonese, the predominant dialect spoken there, while Singapore’s and Malaysia’s Simplified Chinese have absorbed some terms from the Malay language.

Therefore, when translating your documents into English, our professional and experienced translators will take into account the cultural nuances from different countries and tweak the English translation accordingly, in order to best express the intended meaning of the source text.

This is not always an easy task to do, as one must have sufficient knowledge of the country of origin to understand certain terms and references.  Thus, you can be assured of our quality!

We have a dedicated team who are here to best serve your needs. From your first email or phone call, we strive to answer your questions, queries and concerns promptly, and will endeavour to deliver the translation in the shortest time possible, without compromising its quality.

We also aim to give you the best price possible, keeping in mind the industry standards and common norms.

Summing up, choose WhizWordz for

  • Quality in Translation Services
  • Prompt service and fast turnaround
  • Competitive pricing

To learn more about and understand what WhizWordz can do for you, here’s our company introductory video:

If you need translation services  for your website, marketing collateral, official documents etc, do contact us at +65-6600 3798 or email to sales@whizwordz.com. Our friendly staff would be most glad to assist you in your enquiries and provide a non-obligation quotation.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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