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“Being bilingual does not necessarily equates to one’s ability in interpretation. While a few words may be of some help in a casual setting, an untrained person can break your important event – for instance, doing the job so badly, or backing out of the interpreter role easily. Not only will the non-attendance of an interpreter damage your reputation, it also cost you time, money and potentially missing out on new business opportunities.”

Interpretation Services Singapore

Need multilingual support for your face-to-face business meeting, international conference, seminar or trade show? We are more than happy to provide you with an obligation-free quote!

At WhizWordz, we make the booking process of an interpreter easy for you.

All we need from you is the time, date, language, number of interpreters required, and the location of your event as well as any specific requirements/instructions.

We will then send you a quote via email. Once you agree, our interpreter(s) will meet you on the time and date requested, and you are good to go!

If you wish to communicate personally with the interpreter before the event to run through the whole process, or clarify your queries, we will be glad to help you arrange a pre-event appointment upon request.

Please note that additional costs may apply.

How Early Should You Book An Interpreter?

Missed appointments mean missed opportunities.

Interpreters are hired often to help gap the bridge and minimise understandings/misinformation between parties who do not know each other’s language or do not have sufficient command of the other party’s spoken language.

Hiring an interpreter a day before your event is one of the most risky situations one can ever find themselves in. This is because, most interpreters abide by a “By appointment only” strict working schedule and may have to run from one event to another.

Also, it is a well-known fact that interpreters need time to prepare for an upcoming interpreting job.

Hence, it is always recommended to book your desired interpreter as soon as you start an event so that you have additional time to hunt for a substitute should they be unable to make it.

A good time gauge is always between 3 to 2 months before your event.

If your event is an important or international event which needs to be spread over a few days, it is always good to prepare at least 2 interpreters and have 1 or 2 backups to spread the workload.

You won’t want to risk having your one and only interpreter calling in sick or backing out due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Right Interpreter For The Right Job

Ever been to an event where you understand both spoken languages and discovered that the interpreter had actually fumbled or left out the most important part of the conversation?

For a start, interpreters are hired mostly for important events.

The professionalism of the interpreter and his/her skills can make or break an event.

Hence, it is no brainer that you should always attempt to hire an excellent, professional interpreter who can make the mark for your event instead of asking your bilingual friend who’s probably free to fill in the role.

Not only will the non-attendance of an interpreter damage your reputation, it can also cost you time, money and potentially missing out on new business opportunities.

A Professional Interpreter Represents Not Only Your Company Image But Also Your Respect To The Other Party

In the world of business, showing respect to your potential business partners is a pre-requisite and a war half won.

Since our inception in 2004, WhizWordz have worked with many corporate and individual clients in various sectors and industries to reach their business goals.

All of our interpreters are selected in accordance with their area of specialisation(s), expertise on handling different types of events and the language required.

Apart from these prerequisites, we also additionally require all our interpreters to have at least 3 years of field experience.

This helps us ensure that when our interpreters arrive for a job – they are fully qualified and ready to deliver a professional service.

Don’t ruin your potential opportunities with a less than satisfactory interpreter!

What Kinds of Interpretation Can You Do?

Our services extend to conferences, business meetings and seminars aimed at bridging the gap between you and your associates or audiences.

Allowing for maximum accuracy and flexibility, clients are able to choose among 3 major types of interpretation services – Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation and Whispering Interpretation.

Be it a conference that needs to be interpreted simultaneously or a business meeting that needs to be interpreted consecutively; or a casual business meeting which requires whispering interpretation, you can always customise your experience with us to match your needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous or concurrent interpreting demands complete and accurate verbal translation, at the same time as the speaker with as little lag time as possible.

Our interpreters provide on-time interpretation for business meeting and major events. We take the responsibility off our clients and onto ourselves to provide capable and efficient interpreters.

Your client can fully understand you as you speak and does not have to wait to listen to the interpretation of the conversation. It’s almost like they understand your language!

Through this kind of interpretation, you will achieve the most amount of interaction from the audience as they know what you mean, and laugh at your jokes throughout your presentation.

They understand what you are saying in the moment that you say it. Such interpretation is useful for large conferences, where a majority of those present do not understand the source language.

Nothing gives us as much happiness as knowing that we have bridged that communication gap effectively!

Consecutive Interpretation Services

This style is usually used for small conferences, meetings or presentations, but can be used for a larger audience as well.

Our interpreters will only begin to interpret after the original speaker has stopped.

They are able to take notes and analyse the speech as a whole, making it as accurate as possible.

The audience then understands and discusses the terms, to and fro, until an agreement is reached.

Whispering Services

The advantages of whispering interpreting over other styles of interpretation are aplenty.

In fact, it is the most appropriate method of interpretation in circumstances where one or more of the participants in a meeting or gathering does not understand the language being spoken by others in the room.

It is unobtrusive and does not interfere with the progress of your meeting or event in any way. Client can choose whispering interpreting when it would be inappropriate to distract participants or delay the progress of the meeting.

One of the most important advantages of such translation is that it does not require any special equipment. Besides minimal set up time, it can also be used in any location, even outdoors!

Whispering interpreting services are normally utilised at smaller conferences or seminars. Instead of saying it aloud, a specialised interpreter will listen to the speech and whisper the contents of the speech to the client in the requested dialect.

Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services in a wide range of different settings including:.

  • Business presentations
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Special events
  • Training

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Competitive Pricing

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Reliable and Prompt Services

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Reliable and Prompt Services

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Large Pool of Translators

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Reliable and Prompt Services

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Accredited Translation Company

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