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Certified Translation Services

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With a steady increase in requests for certified translation services in Singapore, it is first and foremost important to understand what it means and things required during the process.

Singapore is a booming international commercial hub which is home to entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world. Such a large multicultural community presents certain bureaucratic challenges as it can be difficult to verify the veracity of a migrant’s official documents when they are in different languages.

Certified translations play an important part in bridging the bureaucratic gap between Singapore and countries as they enable authorities to read official documents in English.

Documents that require certifications are usually needed for submission to officials such as to courts and government agencies. In such cases, individuals that are submitting their personal documents such as birth certificates, work permits and any other official documents require official endorsements for their translated copies as proof that it was done by an accredited translation company and translator who has translated the documents to the best of his/her ability.

We provide accurate and efficient certified translation services for official documentation

At WhizWordz, our certified translation services are usually accepted by the various government agencies in Singapore. We provide the complete package – a certificate of translation, company stamp and signature by an accredited staff member as official endorsement. Check out our blog to find out more on ICA translation requirement.

It is also important to cross check with the government agencies you are submitting your documents to as the guideline for what is accepted changes over time.*Do note that certified translations are often required to be an exact translation of source texts without omitting or adding to the source content.

Certified translation services in Singapore often include:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Education Transcripts
  • Immigration Documents
  • Licences
  • Tax Payment Records
  • Any other official document required by the Government

Certified Translation Service 

Many of us would be familiar with the terms ‘translation services’ and ‘official translation services in Singapore’.

However, some of us might be scratching our heads towards the terms ‘certified translation services’ and ‘notary public in Singapore’.

You might wonder what the differences and relations between these terms are and how does it affect you as an individual needing translation services. In this webpage, we will delve deeper on what it means by ‘certified translation services’ and how WhizWordz International can assist you with it.

Generally, a certified translation refers to the act of declaring that the completed translation is an accurate and true representation of the original document. This is usually done by officially signing and authorising statement of truth in regards to the above mentioned matters. But how is this different from the usual general translation? Why the need for certified translation and what purpose does it serves?

Typically, certified translation services are needed when you have to submit your official documents to a government body.

Some of it are for procedures such as applying for permanent residency, jobs, school admissions and overseas travels to name a few. As such, the government bodies require an official translation agency to provide the translation services. Naturally, the best way to verify this course of action is through a certified translation.

It acts as an additional layer of confirmation that the translation has been done by a professional registered company. Thus, this is the main difference between a general translation and a certified one.

Another common term that you may find yourself stumbling into would be ‘notarisation services’. Depending on each individual’s requirements, you may or may not require this additional service. The best way to find out is to get in touch with the government body you are submitting to for the full requirements.

WhizWordz is capable of providing a bundle quotation for certified translation and notarisation services if you are need of both. At WhizWordz, we work with a team of qualified and professional translators and proofreaders to ensure your documents are translated in the most accurate and precise manner as per your original documents.

To make things a little simpler for you, we have compiled a list of questions to ease your understanding of the process for obtaining certified translation and notarisation services from WhizWordz. We hope that the questions below would better streamline your process in engaging translation services with WhizWordz International.


A: WhizWordz has been working with a team of knowledgeable and professional translators since our establishment in 2004. In Singapore, there are no official bodies to swear-in translators. As such, the best way to go about with translation services in Singapore is to engage the services from a reputable registered translation company with a clean and credible track record.
A: WhizWordz is an officially registered translation company in Singapore since 2004. We have worked with various companies and individuals for translation requests for both general and certified translation services over the years.
A: Usually no. We are able to work with a scanned copy as long as it is clear and legible enough for us to read. We will, of course inform you in advanced should we need the original copies. Kindly note that for illegible parts of the documents, it will be labelled as such [illegible] during translation should there be no clearer options available.
A: You can send your documents to us via email at sales@whizwordz.com. Upon attaching the documents, you can inform us that a certified translation service is required and we will follow-up with an official quotation accordingly. All documents are handled with utmost confidentiality and will be discarded once the project has been completed.
A: At WhizWordz, your translation will be certified through our company’s stamp and signature of the person in charge on every translated page. This will be accompanied with a certificate of translation to acknowledge that the documents have been received and translated to the best of our ability as a registered translation company. This serves as a complete set from WhizWordz for any certified translation requests.
A: In order for WhizWordz to certify your documents, the translation has to be done by the team at WhizWordz. This is to ensure the translation is done without any bias, and from a professional point of view as a registered translation company in Singapore. Therefore, it is highly advisable for you not to translate your own documents.
A: Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do so. At WhizWordz, we are only allowed to translate what is written and presented on the original documents given to us. Should there be any mistakes required for correction, you have to contact the specific issuing authority directly to re-issue the corrected version as required. After the corrected documents have been obtained, you can submit to us as the finalised copies for translation.
A: According to Singapore Legal Advice, Notarisation involves certifying a document as either an authentic copy of an original document, or as having been validly executed. Notarisation is done by a notary public, who is generally a senior lawyer practising in Singapore who has been approved to act as a notary public under the Notaries Public Act.”

In addition, Notaries public, acting as impartial officers, notarise documents, usually by witnessing, authenticating and certifying the execution of documents to be used in foreign countries. The need for notarisation usually arises when a person owns businesses and properties overseas and is involved in matters which require the execution of documents here in Singapore. Alternatively, notarisation may be needed when a person is involved in foreign litigation.”

Certified Translation Services

For documents related to translation, these are usually made up of documents such as birth, education, marriage, divorce and death certificates. Others include household registrations and identification cards. When certifying true copies, a notary has to ensure the copies are indeed true copies of the original. This is usually done by a visual comparison of the original documents with the copies.

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