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Market Research Translation Services

 Market Research Translation Services in Singapore

“Market research can be a beautiful thing when it’s done well. Not only can it help you understand a market better, target audience engagement can also come across as more effective with interesting responses when they are localised to the correct language.”

Precision. Accuracy. Nuance. Localised terms which your target audience can comprehend. Get a sentence or the language wrong, and you will find that things can get pretty haywire. Besides false/inaccurate data findings, there’s also the possibility of brand damage beyond repair.

Indeed, dealing with market research questionnaires (or surveys as described by some) can be quite confusing, especially when you need to customise your questions for many different markets at once or a deal with particular set of audience across many languages.

What Exactly Is Market Research Questionnaire/Survey?

Are They The Same As Insurance Companies And Banks Who Ask If You Already Have Their Insurance Or Credit Cards? Ever been approached by someone in places such as a bus-stop, MRT station, shopping malls or received a call to help with a government or branding survey?

If you have such an experience before, you will know that the people conducting a market research and those from insurance companies/banks/roadshows are two different groups of people with entirely different purposes.

While the latter approaches their target audience for a commercial purpose (i.e. to sell you something), the former carries out survey investigations intended for a greater purpose (usually internal communication) – understanding their target audience (For instance, investigating public sentiments about a particular brand, campaign or even policy making process!).

These people are known as market research investigators/interviewers.

Also, while those from insurance companies and banks are engaged to sell a particular product, market research investigators/interviewers do not attempt to sell anything and are representatives engaged by market research companies or local government agencies to help them understand views from the ground.

Strong Collaborations with Global and Local Market Research Companies

At WhizWordz International, we are able to produce localised translation contents with precision, accuracy and nuance, thanks to our strong dedicated network of translators who works daily with leading market research agencies locally and globally.

Since our inception in 2004, we have assisted many globally well-known and local established research companies as well as government agencies reach out successfully to their intended markets and audiences.

Today, this particular segment has become one of our most popular services.

Importance of Market Research Translation

When it comes to understanding the market, market research is an inevitable essential tool for measuring your own actions and successes against those of your competitors.

  • Today, many organisations throughout the world are using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand their consumers and competition. Having these data has become increasingly important in the evaluation and adaptation of different market strategies/audience.
  • Thanks to the growth in technology, this has also changed the way organisations do business too. Now, you can now reach a much wider audience, and market and sell your products anywhere in the world.
  • This growing phenomenon dictates why it is absolutely essential not only to speak to your target consumers in their language, but also to be aware of their cultural differences.
This is where WhizWordz’ multilingual market research translation service comes in. Not sure how to go about translating your market research documents to fit your intended market or audience?

Fret not, at WhizWordz, we recruit native speakers with fluency in many languages and understanding of different cultures to help our clients in the fastest turnaround time!

Our dedicated team are trained to work with researchers/research companies or the clients themselves directly to identify what target languages are required, as well as suggest suitable glossaries and look at cultural sensitivities.

Interesting Side Facts

Do you know that according to a review conducted by PwC (https://www.pwc.co.uk/boe and https://www.pwc.co.uk/business-of-evidence-2016/benefits-of-research.html), the market research industry has seen steady growth globally since 2012?

Besides helping businesses gain an understanding of the characteristics of their market and evaluate the inherent challenges and opportunities, strong thorough market research also delivers value by allowing confident commercial decision making that drive better business.

The benefits of strong research alongside powerful analytics is also clear in terms of increased efficiency, evidence based decision making and reduced cost.

Simply put, effective research helps to ensure that fussy processes are streamlined. Burdens can also reduced while at the same time saving the end client some money.

Who Will Translate My Document?

With an experience network of translators and proof-readers over the world working with us across several time zones in a wide variety of languages and specialisations, as well as an excellent portfolio of clientele from public institutions to market research companies and businesses large and small throughout the world, you will definitely be in good hands!

  • To ensure the use of appropriate terminology, translators are selected according to your subject matter. Our project managers will help match you with best possible native translator (s) who specialise in your subject matter.
  • These translator typically live in the country your content targets. What’s more, they also have a unique sensitivity to the local cultural context and can perfectly adapt content parts that require genuine localisation.
  • And of course, most often than not, translation only comes into the picture after the questionnaire has been finalised in the source language.
Thus, be sure to have the finalised source copy ready before you send them in for translation!

What Kinds Of Languages Can You Translate?

We can translate your documents into many languages including Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, German and many more!

As an experienced translation agency, our network of translators surpass beyond just a few languages. You can simply state your language pair requests when you email or call us, and we will take care of the rest!

Should I choose Literal Translation or Creative Translation?

Since it involves a Question and Answer session with the target audience, most market research questionnaires are written in a much more direct way as compared to other types of documents (i.e. what is your age, gender, education qualifications, please tell us yes or no) to get specific answers from respondents.

However, questions may be asked indirectly occasionally to assess the actual thinking process of the respondent. Hence, you may require some sentences or phrases according to context instead of translating it literally.

There are typically two possible kinds of approaches when it comes to market research questionnaire translation: Literal Translation and Creative Translation.

Literal Translation

You can translate your questionnaire directly from the source language to the target language without any cultural and linguistic considerations if your questions are simple and direct (for instance, “Please answer yes or no”).

Creative Translation

Nevertheless, if your questions involves lots of indirect sentence phrasing or perhaps a scenario/story, or intended for diverse cultural groups, our translators will need to use their creative prowess to modify the sentence phrasing to ensure the target population can comprehend it as easily as the source audience.

Need your documents translated and localised to your intended markets or audience?

Nevertheless, if your questions involves lots of indirect sentence phrasing or perhaps a scenario/story, or intended for diverse cultural groups, our translators will need to use their creative prowess to modify the sentence phrasing to ensure the target population can comprehend it as easily as the source audience.

All you have to do is send us your files and talk to us!

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