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Chinese Translation Service Singapore WhizWordz

Professional Chinese Translation Service in Singapore

Since its inception in 2004, WhizWordz International has been providing translation services in many languages to both Singaporeans and foreigners, both locally and overseas. With its office strategically and centrally located in Chinatown, and just a stone’s throw away from the State Court, it is situated in a convenient location that is accessible to all through public buses, the MRT and taxis.

In Singapore, there are 4 official languages. English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

According to some surveys, the market for English to Simplified Chinese translation accounts for more than half of the translation market by both volume and sales, making Simplified Chinese a critical language translation for most companies across different industries locally and globally.

Understanding Chinese Translation in Singapore

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you must surely have noticed the rise of China as an economic superpower and the subsequent increase in importance of the Chinese language.

Indeed, China has become one of the largest and most influential economies in the world.

Most experts agree that the Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world, with a history of at least six thousand years. History aficionados will be aware that Chinese character inscriptions have been found on turtle shells dating back to China’s second dynasty, the Shang dynasty (1766-1123 BC), more than 3000 years ago.

In contrast to languages like English where words are composed of different combinations of alphabets, the Chinese written language uses distinctive characters to represent each word. And in order to be literate enough to comprehend the newspapers, one must be able to recognise 2000 to 3000 characters and use them comfortably.

As China is the most populous country in the world, it is no wonder that Chinese is the most widely spoken language by population. In fact, it is estimated that one in five persons in the world speaks some form of Chinese to various levels of fluency.

Due to historical, political and social reasons, there are 2 forms of Chinese characters being used in the world today.

Simplified Chinese characters or 简体字. As illiteracy was high in China many decades ago, the authorities decided to simplify the existing characters, which were thought to contain too many strokes, thus making writing and memorising them more difficult. So throughout the many years, generations of Chinese have studied this form, and the youth of contemporary China are much more versatile and confident when using this form. Besides China, Singapore and Malaysia also use Simplified Chinese.
Traditional Chinese characters or 繁體字. This is the more traditional form of written Chinese with a history of more than a thousand years, and it is still being used in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Some say that the traditional form is much more beautiful and prettier than the simplified version, but this of course is a matter of personal opinion and perspective.

Most native speakers of Chinese are much more familiar and comfortable with one of the above two forms, even though many would be able to read in both with some guesswork.

Despite the fact that Simplified Chinese is used in both China and Singapore, this does not mean that the terms and expressions can be used interchangeably without causing confusion and misunderstanding.

For example, since Singapore is a multi-racial country, various languages have influenced the Chinese used here and some of these terms have been assimilated.

  • Examples include 甘榜 which is derived from the Malay for ‘kampong’, meaning village, and 巴刹,which is derived from the Persian word bāzār, meaning marketplace.
  • Roti Prata, a popular Indian flatbread dish commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia, is translated as 印度煎饼 in Singapore, and is rare in China. Therefore, these words would not be understood by a native Chinese from China who has just arrived to work, study or live in Singapore.
Thus, it is crucial to take localisation into consideration and choose the right team of Chinese translators when deciding to translate your documents for a specific audience.

Why Choose WhizWordz

1. High quality Chinese translation services provided by native and experienced translators

All our Chinese translators are highly qualified with at least 3 years of translation experience. Many of them have worked in other industries before, including medical, legal, engineering, finance and education.

They bring and incorporate their previous experiences into their current translation work.

Our clients are pleased with our work, and the majority of our business comes from repeat customers, some of whom have used us for more than a decade.

After the Chinese translation services have been completed, our senior editor will proofread the translation once again for accuracy and to check for any omissions, so as to ensure that our clients get translation of the highest quality.

2. Proven track record

Throughout the years, WhizWordz International has been building on its client base, and the clientele of both individuals and companies have been increasing, both on the local and international scene.

We can translate the following types of documents from English or other languages to Simplified Chinese and vice versa. Cannot find your type of documents, call or email us to enquire!

• Annual Reports
• Auditor’s Reports
• Bank Statements
• Business Documents/Plans
• Medical Contents
• Company Profile/Websites
• Contracts
• Digital Content
• E-Learning Courses
• Electronic Media Content
• Equity Research Translation
• Financial Reporting
• Insurance Marketing
• Internal Communications
• Macroeconomic Survey
• Manuscripts
• Marketing Materials
• Social Media Posts/Blogs
• Product Specifications
• Prospectuses
• Publications And Journals
• Reports And Analyses
• Shareholder Information
• Software Help Documents
• Subtitles and Captions
• Government Materials
• Legal/Court Documents
• Processes / SOP Manuals

On individual basis, we translate many Simplified Chinese documents into English, and the following are some of the more common and popular ones:

  • Chinese to English translation for educational certificates
  • Chinese to English translation for marriage certificates
  • Chinese to English translation for birth certificates
  • Chinese to English translation for household registers
  • Chinese to English translation for identification cards
  • Chinese to English translation for household deeds
  • Chinese to English translation for driving licences
  • Chinese to English translation for passports
  • Chinese to English translation for household deeds
  • Chinese to English translation for immunisation certificates

This is just a short list, in fact, we have the expertise to translate just about any document that you have in Chinese!

3. Highest Quality with Responsible Turnaround Time

We specialize in high-volume, complex professional Simplified Chinese translations with fast turnaround times and at competitive rates. From adaptable localisation solutions to large-volume content, you name it, we do it.

 Chinese Translation Service Company in Singapore WhizWordz

Chinese Translation Company in Singapore

If you intend to expand your business globally via an online presence, translating your website into Simplified Chinese would be a first step and an unavoidable decision.

This is because the market for native Chinese speakers is huge, and you would do well to tap on this enormous market which is in need of premium products and services. Even though many Chinese speakers can speak English to some degree, speaking to your audience in their native language is the only true way to engage and form deep relationships with them.

If you engage WhizWordz International to translate your corporate website into Simplified Chinese, our friendly salesperson will first communicate with you to ascertain your business objectives and your targeted audience.

  • After all, we all need to reach common ground right at the start of any project, in order to minimise misunderstandings, delays and rework.
  • After that, based on your needs and goals, we will select the most suitable team of translators for you. Our Chinese translators have a wealth of experience in translating website material to cater to various markets and audiences, and can choose the correct words to convey your message accurately, persuasively and convincingly.
  • After the Chinese translation has been done, our editors will do a final look over, in order to smooth out any parts or sentences that need further refinement.

So that the finalised website translation is of impeccable quality and can be a great means by which you can communicate with your current and potential clients.

Choosing the Right Chinese Translation Company

If you are in the midst of deciding which translation company to engage for translating your documents from English to Simplified Chinese, you may be somewhat lost. A quick search in Google or Yahoo will turn up a multitude of translation service providers and companies.

While one can argue that choice is a good thing, this situation can also present a quagmire and problem for you, especially if this is your first foray into the translation industry.

Your first area of concern should undoubtedly be quality. Would the translation company be able to translate your documents accurately and to the point?
What it be able to convey what you want to say to your audience?
Does the company have excellent quality control (QC)?
Does it have a robust system of checks and balances where any potential and real problems are swiftly dealt with so that the quality and timeline of translation are not compromised?
This relates to our second point: the quality of the translators used.

Are the translators experienced native speakers with many years of translation and other experiences?
Do they translate according to the genre of the content?
Does the tonality of translation sound professional and suitable?
For example, a manual translation should be factual, accurate and concise. It should not be overly flowery and read like a piece of literary work. WhizWordz International fulfills all of the above requirement and more.

Whizwordz International offers:

Our Simplified Chinese translators are equipped with the right set of qualifications and relevant knowledge in your respective industry to perform well in your assigned translation project. This will ensure that all of your important documents and collaterals are translated properly and with a high degree of professionalism.

To experience a hassle-free and effortless Chinese translation service process

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Competitive Pricing

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Reliable and Prompt Services

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Reliable and Prompt Services

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Large Pool of Translators

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Accredited Translation Company

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