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Korean Translation Services

Korean Translation Services in Singapore

You don’t have to live in Korea to know about K-Pop and Kimchi! With over 80 million speakers, the influence of Korea and the Korean language can be seen around the world. Korea has the fourth largest economy in Asia, and ranks number 11 around the globe.

Not only that, but in a world where the internet dominates, so does the Korean language. The language is frequently used,  and is ranked in the top 20 most commonly spoken online languages. For this reason, being able to speak and communicate in Korean is extremely important. Unfortunately, the language takes time to learn and if time is not on your side, engaging in English to Korean translation services would be a better option.

Korean translation services in Singapore by WhizWordz International, ensure documents are translated professionally into the Korean language with the assistance of a Korean translator who is well versed in your line of business, and someone who can provide quick and accurate language conversion.

An introduction to the Korean language

Before we dive deeper into Korean translation services in Singapore, we’d like to start by introducing you to the language.

Did you know that the Korean language isn’t actually called the “Korean language”? Koreans actually call their language, ‘Urimal’, which literally translates to ‘our language’. Furthermore, there may be further distinctions of the name depending on where you live. If you live in North Korea, you speak 조선어 (Joseoneo) whereas if you live in South Korea, you speak 한국어 (Hangugeo).

In regards to the history of the language, it was created by Korea’s Great King Sejong in an attempt to establish a unique cultural identity for the country. With that said, you may also notice influences of Japanese, English, and Chinese throughout the language. It is also interesting to note that there are several different Korean dialects spoken throughout the country.

English to Korean Translation Services – Is Korean difficult to learn?

You may have heard that Korean is an extremely difficult language to learn and it is in fact, rather true so much so as it ranks one of the top five most difficult languages to excel in.

The language has over 19 consonants, 21 vowels, and over 11, 000 Hangul syllables. The difficulty of the language, combined with the massive Korean speaking audience around the world, has made the need for Korean translation services in Singapore a necessity in the recent years.

Why do you need a professional Korean translator?

Firstly, the Korean language is a complex one on its own. Simply understanding and speaking the words are not enough to guarantee a proper translation can be done. Other factors such as gender differences and seniority ranking could also affect the way a piece of document is translated. Words have to be carefully chosen, and the translators would have to choose between the formal and informal tone depending on the purpose and target audience when providing English to Korean translation.

Secondly, even if you understand the Korean language, creating the complex syntax can be difficult. Professional Korean translation services in Singapore by WhizWordz International can help you bypass these roadblocks, and provide you with a culturally correct translated Korean document.

Korean Translation Services Singapore

Engaging an English to Korean Translation Service

If you have ever tried appointing a Korean translator in the past, you may have quickly realised that it is not that simple. Enlisting the service for English to Korean translation can be difficult because in Korea, translation is not a highly sought after profession.

Due to the complexity of the language, not only do translators require in-depth knowledge of both languages, an extensive amount of education and training are also needed.

WhizWordz Translation Services in Singapore

Fortunately, with the help of WhizWordz International, finding a professional Korean translator does not have to be difficult.

With our experience in the industry, we have already sought out the best translators for you. When you engage in our English to Korean translation services, know that our translators are efficient in both English and Korean, and have had extensive training in translation.

Contact us now so that we can be your helping hand for Korean translation services in Singapore as we ensure your documents are professionally translated and delivered on time.



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