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Bengali Translation Services

Interesting Fact on Bangladesh and Bengali Language

With a population exceeding 162 million people, Bangladesh is a country that carries its own unique trait.

Did you know that Bangladesh is the only country in the world that was created based on language and ethnicity?

This also means that 98% of the total population of the country is formed by the Bengali.Although the country still faces challenges related to refugee crisis, corruption, and climate changes, it is said that Bangladesh is one of the emerging and growth-leading economies of the world.

Additionally, they are also one of the next eleven countries with one of the fastest real GDP growth rates. Interestingly, Bangladesh also has its own charms when it comes to natural landscapes.

Known for its beaches and ruins, this country has a lot more to offer than you could imagine. With UNESCO-protected sites such as Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat and Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur, this creates an opportunity for increased tourism for the country.

As with other tourist attractions, their cultural local markets and bazaars are also a scene stealer with each carrying their own specialties and attractiveness for everyone to enjoy.

Bengali Translation in Singapore

Now with blooming economy prospects, Bangladesh has opened its doors to globalisation. With increased overseas dealings, the need to cater to various people globally arises as well.

In Singapore’s context, there has been an increased demand of foreign talents from Bangladesh which means English to Bengali translation services in Singapore are required.

So, what does it mean by translation? When it comes to translation, it is the process of bridging the communication gap between languages.

For example, a company may require their contract which is originally written in English to be translated into the Bengali language. By doing so, the other party can fully understand what is written in the contract in their own native language.

With English to Bengali translation service in Singapore, it creates easier communication exchange during meetings for both parties.

Bengali Translation Services in Singapore

WhizWordz International was started in 2004 and has provided Bengali translation services since its inception, including certified and notarised translation.

Whether you intend to translate birth certificates, high school diplomas, property deeds or court letters, WhizWordz has the expertise and ability to do the job professionally and accurately.

Our Bengali translation services also span a wide genre of different fields, including engineering, banking, accounting, business, medical, legal, communications and education.

WhizWordz has also kept up and upgraded with the times, in line with the latest standards and protocols.

We are pleased to say that throughout the years, we have had many recurring clients, both from prestigious companies and individuals.

Professional Bengali Translation Agency in Singapore

You might now be wondering; how do I go about with translation requests?

This is where WhizWordz comes in as a translation agency.

The first step would be to drop us an email with your inquiry of which we will then provide you with an official quotation and timeline.
Upon agreement and confirmation, we will then proceed with the translation as requested.
As our pool of translators are natives from their respective countries, this allows us to translate your documents with confidence and ease as we understand the specific nuances and cultural context present in the documents.
Aside from official business documents, WhizWordz also handles individual requests. During the translation process, we put in much care into the official terms in your personal documents such as your birth, marriage, and education certificates.
Having native translators working on your documents with a strong command and understanding of the English language is something we take pride in as a translation agency. Be it your personal official documents or your company’s marketing collaterals, we allow our esteemed clients to have a run through after the translation has been completed.

This offers them a chance to voice out potential areas of improvements as we work together to provide the best quality translation for everyone. The beauty of translation is undeniably charming.

In today’s global climate where everyone is tapping onto opportunities overseas for the best interest of their businesses and better quality of life, translation is highly needed by many globally.

The team at WhizWordz is ever ready to assist with conversion of languages

With the conversion of languages, the team at WhizWordz strives to always bridge communication gaps as much as possible.

Not only are we able to provide our services of English to Bengali translation and vice versa, we are also capable of providing our expertise in other languages.

At WhizWordz, we have the relevant pool of Bengali native translators who have the qualification, and the relevant experience in your area of industry. This will ensure that all of your important documents are translated properly and with a high degree of professionalism.

If you are looking for Bengali translation services

Contact WhizWordz today

If you have any kind of  documents, collaterals and certificates that require Bengali translation, please do not hesitate to call 6600 3798 or email us at sales@whizwordz.com for a non-obligatory quotation. Otherwise, please send us a message via Whatapps to 8139 7988.

Our friendly sales representatives will be glad to answer all your questions and address any concerns that you may have within 1 working day.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

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Reliable and Prompt Services

Reliable and Prompt Services

Providing ultimate convenience, presenting high quality work while ensuring timely delivery is what we do best.

Reliable and Prompt Services

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Our commitment to the highest standard is the foundation of our customer's trust in WhizWordz.

Large Pool of Translators

Large Pool of Translators

Save on extra work with reliable translators. Our hand-picked, native translators in various languages, technical specialisations and different industries work hand in hand with you to provide best translation solutions.

Reliable and Prompt Services

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"Imagination is the only limit." This is why we work with you on various areas from project management to after-sales inquiries. Our 5-star Google review ratings is the best testament of how our customers enjoy a variety of services with ease.

Accredited Translation Company

Accredited Translation Company

Award-winning translation company and listed as approved company for many accrediting local authorities and international institutions, including IMF and World Bank.


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