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23 May 2018

Website localisation services – How it can improve a company business revenue

website localisation service

If you own a business, chances are that you have an online presence. Indeed, in today’s globally connected world, it is inconceivable for any business to function without being readily accessible to internet-savvy users.

Many MNCs and even SMEs advertise their goods and services online to increase their clientele and sales.

If you intend to do the same, a vital step is to search for professional translation and localisation companies. This is because the majority of the global population do not speak English as a native language, and they are much more comfortable viewing and purchasing products and services in their own languages.

Professional translation services and localisation services companies are very experienced in helping their clients and will lead them through the whole process. If you intend to extend your outreach, then this choice is crucial.

If you are not familiar with this industry, then you may be a little confused as to the difference between translation and localisation.

After all, major languages are used interchangeably throughout the world, isn’t that right? For example, both English and Chinese are international languages, and the usage is standardised regardless of location.

While the above seems intuitive and reasonable, it does not stand to reason upon closer inspection. For example, market is translated as 市场 in China, but Singapore and Malaysia use巴刹 which is borrowed from Malay.

Another difference is that digitised is translated as 数码化 in China, but Taiwan uses the term 數位化 due to local preferences and Taiwan also uses the traditional, rather than the simplified script.

Thus, website localisation is much more than just the simple translation of text. It involves adapting an existing website to the local culture and language of the target market.

Hence, besides having mastery over the source and target languages, the localisers need to have in-depth understanding of the local knowledge and culture to do the job well. They also need to be familiar with websites to best portray the products and services of their client.

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