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Traditional Chinese Translation Service

Traditional Chinese Service Singapore

Understanding More on the Chinese Language

Business knows no geographical boundaries.

The Chinese language is spoken and written by several ethnic groups in China as well as other countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and even in Indonesia!

In fact, a population of at least 1.2 billion in the world speaks and writes Chinese as its first language.

Not to mention, there are also multiple variations of the Chinese language. Besides, different dialects are also adopted in different regions/localities/countries.

Such vast diversity often require the need for proficient linguists to deliver accurate document translations while ensuring the localisation of these contents.

Traditional Chinese – The Beautiful Side of It

If you have been learning Traditional Chinese or comes from a country which uses Traditional Chinese as your official form of writing, you will know that Chinese is not only one of the most beautiful languages in the world, its beauty also comes from the depth of meaning of written Chinese.

The traditional Chinese culture in particular loves beautiful words.

So much so that many famous Chinese historical figures are also known as influential poets.

In fact, seeing warlords and military figures display dominion during the day, while writing beautiful poetry at night is a pretty common sight during ancient times.

Interesting Side Facts of Traditional Chinese

Do you know that until 1949, there’s actually no Simplified Chinese writing system?

Instead, the Traditional Chinese writing system was widely used in the ancient days!

Chinese is a logographic writing system, in which every character represents a concept. This is in contrast to an alphabet, where each symbol represents a sound.

Traditional Chinese typically uses about 13,000 characters, and some of the characters are highly complex.

In fact, the complexity of this written system was one of the causes of widespread illiteracy in China.

To help combat illiteracy, the Simplified Chinese writing system was introduced as an official writing language in 1949.

Not only are words simplified to a large extent and have lesser strokes, this new writing system also uses lesser characters at about 8,000 characters.

To ease confusion, Chinese now is generally classified into two major forms, the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese is derived from Traditional Chinese, and many characters are the same in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Hence, it is important to find out which country the document is to be used for and who is its intended audience.

For instance, if the translated novel is meant for the Taiwanese readers, you will need to convey this important information to the translation company prior to work commencement.

Also, when requesting for translation from English to Traditional Chinese, do expect about 2 Chinese characters per each English word.

This is because a single word in English may be presented in 2 to 4 words format, depending on the context and way of phrasing.

Still unsure which form of writing suits your documents? Fret not, at WhizWordz, we recruit native speakers with fluency in both forms to help our clients in the fastest turnaround time!

Which one to choose – Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese Translation Service?

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are different variations of the written Chinese language.

Even though they have the same basic grammatical structure but due to many cultural and historical reasons, different writing systems are deployed by both forms of Chinese and are not interchangeable.

Therefore, there may be a need for you to prepare translations in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

While Simplified Chinese is used as the official writing system in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau uses the Traditional Chinese as their official writing system.

Mandarin and Cantonese

It would be great to note that Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken languages, and they are not to be confused with Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Mandarin is the standard and official spoken language for mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and can also be often used in some parts of Thailand and Indonesia.

Cantonese is the spoken language in certain areas of China such as the Guangdong province and also in Hong Kong and Macau.

While Cantonese is a dialect used in Guangdong China, Cantonese is one of the official spoken languages used in Hong Kong and Macau.

Simply put, Chinese documents for the China market which requires some localisation of Cantonese are presented in Simplified Chinese whereas the same set of documents are presented in Traditional Chinese for the Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Traditional Chinese Service Company in Singapore WhizWordz

 Professional Traditional Chinese Translation Service Company in Singapore

Established in 2004, WhizWordz International has been providing multiple languages translation to both local companies and global MNCs and individuals, both locally and overseas.

Most often than not, our clients come to us with contents for very specific target audience/overseas business markets which require localisation of certain terms or words.

To ensure the use of appropriate terminology, translators are selected according to your subject matter.

Our project managers will help match you with best possible native linguist(s) who specialise in your subject matter.

These linguists typically live in the country your content targets.

What’s more, they also have a unique sensitivity to the local cultural context and can perfectly adapt the parts of your contents that require genuine localisation.

Prompt Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves in providing a working environment that is collaborative and inspires talents to do great things for you.

WhizWordz is currently at your service on Monday to Friday, 9 am to 530pm. This is to ensure the well-being of all our staff and collaborating translators/proof-readers.

A typical turnaround time for jobs of 2500 to 4000 words would usually require a 2 to 5 days effort from translators including in-house proofreading process to ensure the quality of the completed translation.

Generally, turnaround time is also dependent on the client’s requirements as well as the topic involved.

While translators tend to move along quickly with general contents and can probably submit by end of next business day, another job with the same amount of words may involve a more technical or industry-specific set of contents that require some research during the translation/proof-reading process.

Nevertheless, if you are in an urgent situation, we are pleased to inform that you may also request for quick turnover time for urgent projects at express charges.

How Does WhizWordz Ensure The Quality Of Traditional Chinese Translations?  

At WhizWordz, we follow a stringent process to ensure that all our translated documents meet the quality mark before we submit them to our clients.

This include enhancing our translation process with great technologies and talented people.

All documents are proofread by an experienced primary and in some larger jobs, a secondary proof-reader or even a third proof-reader who help ensure that all typos, inaccuracies in grammar or sentence structure among other misses and hits are completely detected.

These people act as a balance between the translators and clients to produce the best outcome by researching and suggesting alternative words.

Kinds of Documents Accepted at WhizWordz

We accept all types of document formats. However, to prevent incurring extra charges and cut down the time required for our Project Managers and Translators to handle the documents, word, excel and Powerpoint documents are always preferred.

Clients are thus encouraged to provide the most accessible and editable versions of documents whenever available.

Translation Cost for a One-Page Document

As much as we love to provide you with a definite answer, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

The cost of translation can be very varied due to many factors.

Language pair involved, the number of words in your document, minimum charges for projects less than certain amount of words, projects which involves a wide variety of work which cannot simply be quoted by pages, deadline given by the client and urgent jobs that require payment of express charges are some examples of affecting factors.

For an exact pricing for your project, please contact and provide us with your documents.

The more information you have about your documents, the better we can provide you with an exact cost.

Traditional Chinese Translation Services in Singapore

WhizWordz specialises in high-volume, complex professional Traditional Chinese translations with fast turnaround times and at competitive rates.

From adaptable localisation solutions to large-volume content, you name it, we are able to do it.

Our native Traditional Chinese translators are very proficient with handling documents on a daily basis.

They can understand and pick up details including any abnormities and translate them accordingly.

Our translators are specially chosen for their experience and/or qualifications in your industry or field.

Relevant terminologies will be integrated to maintain consistency for best results possible!

Native linguists can advise you better on which type of Traditional Chinese translation you need to do business.

This not only ensures that your final texts are fluent but also guarantees that obscure or complex concepts are conveyed in a way that can be easily understood by readers in a/that particular region.

By optimising our processes to meet clients’ unique needs, we have proudly assist many well-known establishments and brands in Singapore and worldwide, including young innovative startups and large global enterprises from varying industries since entering the market. Out of which, at least 80% of Singapore’s well-known establishments have directly or indirectly entrusted their documents to us!

For more information and quote, please email to us at sales@whizwordz.com. We will get back to you within one working day. Alternatively, you may reach us at (+65) 66003798




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