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We make it a point to use professional translators who are not just native speakers of the targeted language, but also well-versed with the target and the source languages. This is primarily because machines are not reliable enough to deliver precise translations. Even so, we are aided by a few functional Memory Tools to make sure the translated content is consistent.
WhizWordz carries out a selection of translators on the basis of the following criteria:

Potential translators are required to pass a written translation test. Once their language proficiencies and relevant industry experience have been ascertained, the management team decides whether they are extended an invitation to join the team. Clients can be assured of the quality of our translation services, as most of our translators come with a minimum of 5 years of experience, and have been with us for a couple of years.
We are equipped to work with documents in different formats, which include Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe, Illustrator, Indesign Freehand, HTML and Framemaker.
When it comes to translation, copywriting or interpreting projects, we take meticulous care to keep all information private. Hence, we have signed a strict Non Disclosure Agreement with all translators, interpreters, and staff members. This ensures that all information remains completely confidential and protected from disclosure. In addition, we are also ready to sign an NDA with clients who require it.
Yes; as a matter of fact our translation services extend to industries encompassing everything from marketing to technical, legal and medical reports. Kindly click here for a general overview of our clientele list.

Our translators are technically-qualified professionals armed with university degrees who come with expert experience in their relevant fields. Being technical translation specialists ourselves, we also work on maintaining a translation and terminology glossary, which lends support to our translators and clients.
Translation is usually associated with the written text, and interpretation focuses on spoken words.

They are extremely different skills; translation is all about reproducing a particular language in one or more languages, whereas interpretation is the verbal conveyance of a set of words spoken in a certain language in one or more languages.
Simultaneous interpreters basically deliver high-end interpreting services for international conferences, with a single person speaking, and others listening through headphones simultaneously. They usually occupy a sound-proof booth and carry out real-time interpretation.

In the case of consecutive interpreters, the speaker speaks some sentences, and waits for the consecutive interpreter to repeat the statements in the targeted language. The interpreter can either interpret for the complete group, or sit next to a person or some individuals, and interpret through headphones.
We are providers of certified translations. This is mostly used for immigration, admission to educational institutions, or for legal reasons. We have a procedure in place, which involves placing a printed statement after the translation, certifying that the translation has been completed and is free from any known errors.

Our authorised staff members will sign this certification, which in turn ensures that the certified document is valid for legal usage. Please also note that certain government agencies might require a notarised translation instead of a certified one. Hence it is advisable to consult the government officials on this matter before giving us any translation job. You will be required to consult a law firm for notarising a translation. We are able to recommend few law firms housed within our office building.
We at WhizWordz understand that customers might find it tough to read some language fonts; therefore we deliver the font file and also provide the converted version of the text (picture/pdf files), for viewing and printing with ease.

At certain times clients also request for bilingual translations, to enable easy referencing and commenting. For such cases, we are able to deliver the translation below each English paragraph, or side by side.
The Chinese market is divided into diverse categories, which has led to local variations with their individual set of characteristics. Hence it is imperative to select the ideal Chinese language according to your particular needs, as well as the audience or product market targeted by you.


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