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30 May 2018

Document Translation – how to get your documents translated properly

Document Translation Services Singapore

If you have just made the bold decision to settle down, study or migrate to a new country, congratulations to you!

If your new country of residence uses a working language that is different from your mother tongue, then you may discover that you need to have some of your documents translated to facilitate the process of assimilating into a new environment.

Some of the more common documents that may need to be translated include passports, identification cards, educational certificates, marriage certificates and driving licences.

These documents establish your identity, and provide a track record of what you have done in the past.

If you have never had any documents translated before, you may have many questions in your head. How would I find a translator or translation company that can fulfill my needs?

Will the translation be properly, accurately and professionally done?

Will the translation be accepted by the relevant government and educational officers?

How do I ascertain whether the translation companies are bona fide, and not some fly-by-night organisations?

These are all discerning and intelligent questions to ask.

Many translation companies have an online presence, so it is a good idea to search from the internet.

Look through their languages offered, past clients and testimonies, estimated prices and turnaround time.

Established and proper translation companies should have all these stated clearly on their websites, so if you come across dodgy websites that seem to hide more than they reveal, be very aware and cautious, and steer clear of such websites and service providers.

Once you have shortlisted three to five companies, take the time and effort to give them a call.

Spend a few minutes chatting, explaining your need to translate the documents.

Have a feel of how enthusiastic they are in helping you, whether they have the expertise to do the tasks required and if you are confident in their ability to deliver.

If you do need  translation services  for your website, marketing collateral, documents etc, do contact us at +65-6600 3798 or email to sales@whizwordz.com. Our friendly staff would be most glad to assist you in your enquiries and provide a non-obligation quotation.



By Whizwordz