151 Chin Swee Road #13-04 Manhattan House 169876 Singapore,
Phone: (65) 6600 3798


Whizwordz International has been around since 2004, translating and crafting messages for our clients to suit their various needs. Our wide ranging clients comprise renowned MNCs, leading SMEs, and even aspiring startups.

The Whizwordz Advantage

1. Fast Turnaround
We value every second of your time. That is why we are very faster than punctual to ensure that clients get their materials on time and we don’t become the bottleneck.

2. Competitive Pricing
We price ourselves competitively. Our pricing is within the standard market rate meeting client’s budget.

3. Very Responsive
We can be easily reached at all times of the day, so that in case there are any urgent queries or requirements, we can easily reach to serve our on the go.

4. Understand Clients’ Needs
Requirements may sometimes change along the way due to changing circumstances. We understand that and we are willing to accommodate to client’s request to make sure that they are more than 100% satisfied with our piece of work and it is something that suits their demands.

5. Quality Delivery
We pride ourselves on rendering quality delivery. Our high rate of repeat clients and our clients’ positive feedbacks are the best testament to our abilities.

6. Highest Level of Integrity
We practise the highest level of integrity. We safeguard our client’s interests like our very own. We treat their document with the strictest confidentiality, upholding the highest level of integrity bounded by legal and ethics.

7. Personalised Services
We provide personalised services, such as giving professional advice, link up clients with other vendors like printing company and design agency if necessary, share our ideas and opinions with clients to fine tune their final product, not just what we are tasked to do.

8. Long-term Credibility
We believe in building long-term credibility: Call us old school but we believe trust is what forms the fundamental of a long-term relationship.