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Speak In the Language of Your Audience

Most of us are not aware of the minute differences existing between different languages and dialects. Catering to the diverse target markets requires localisation, which is necessary to carry out expansion of your company into a global organisation. This is especially relevant in today’s fast-paced world of commerce – which requires efficient translation, and we provide reliable localisation services in Singapore for this purpose.


Localisation for Websites

Getting your website localised involves more than merely translation services, as it is dependent on a thorough conversion which involves addressing audiences of all types. In the case of written language translation, certain format changes, correct creation of links and cultural sensitivity are necessary.

Are you interested in giving your website a “local flavour”? Before localisation work starts, we will carry out a professional assessment and understanding of your website. We are serious about your business, and work on putting together a team which combines breadth and depth to bring about  engaging content that focuses on the target market.

Localisation for Software

Are you in possession of a software product which is dependent on localisation and translation, for instance English to Vietnamese translation or English to French translation? You can count on our engineering staff and language experts to carry out localisation of software applications into different foreign languages in a swift and cost-efficient manner. We are well aware of the numerous challenges and intricacies prevalent in such projects, and are dedicated to producing culturally-acceptable products that drive strong global sales for your business.

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