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Sophisticated Interpretation Services in Singapore

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Bridging the communication gap

The importance of communication cannot be stressed upon enough with interpretation being one of the most difficult skills to master. WhizWordz can provide you with the finest linguists who deliver quality interpretation services in Singapore to meet your needs.

Our services extend to conferences, business meetings and seminars aimed at bridging the gap between you and your associates or audiences.

Allowing for maximum accuracy and flexibility, clients are able to choose between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. At WhizWordz, we hope to always provide the solution you are looking for. Be it a conference that needs to be interpreted simultaneously or a business meeting that needs to be interpreted consecutively, our interpreters will fit perfectly to match your needs.

Some of the major events where we have provided our interpretation services include:

Marina Bay Sands “Topping Up” 2009 media event – Thai and Korean simultaneous interpretation

Oil Spill Safety Conference in 2010 – Korean consecutive interpretation

Annual Deutsche Bank Access Asia Conference in 2011 – Japanese consecutive interpretation

Success Resource Internet Marketing 2011 to 2015 – Chinese simultaneous interpretation

Brian Tracy seminar (China 2011 to 2013) – Chinese simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous or concurrent interpreting demands complete and accurate verbal translation, at the same time as the speaker with as little lag time as possible. Our interpreters provide on-time interpretation for business meeting and major events. We take the responsibility off our clients and onto ourselves to provide capable and efficient interpreters.

Your client can fully understand you as you speak and does not have to wait to listen to the interpretation of the conversation. It’s almost like they understand your language!

Through this kind of interpretation, you will achieve the most amount of interaction from the audience as they know what you mean, and laugh at your jokes throughout your presentation. They understand what you are saying in the moment that you say it.

Such interpretation is useful for large conferences, where a majority of those present do not understand the source language.

Nothing gives us as much happiness as knowing that we have bridged that communication gap effectively.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

This style is usually used for small conferences, meetings or presentations, but can be used for a larger audience as well. Our linguists will only begin to interpret after the original speaker has stopped. They are able to take notes and analyse the speech as a whole, making it as accurate as possible.

The audience then understands and discusses the terms, to and fro, until an agreement is reached.

Tailored to your needs, we provide the best interpretation services in Singapore.

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