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Q1. Are any indigenous speakers or computer software programmes utilised by WhizWordz to carry out its translations?
Q2. How are translators selected by WhizWordz?
Q3. What format can I submit documents to WhizWordz in?
Q4. How is my information kept confidential by WhizWordz?
Q5. Does WhizWordz carry out all kinds of translation services?
Q6. What are the main differences between translation and interpretation?
Q7. What are the differing points between Simultaneous Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation?
Q8. Do I require certified translation? Is WhizWordz equipped to certify the translation?
Q9. Suppose I want to translate an English document into another language such as Tamil, can I view the translated document and print out the text after receiving it from you?
Q10. What are the common languages in the Chinese market?