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Professional Translation Services in Singapore

In the fiercely competitive international commercial sector, it’s important to be able to effectively communicate with one’s partners and clients, regardless of what language they happen to speak. With the corporate world taking an increasingly globalised approach to business, effective and accurate translation services are more important than ever. This is particularly true in an international commercial hub like Singapore which attracts entrepreneurs and companies from almost every country on the planet seeking to establish a presence in the Asia Pacific region. In business, effective communication is a crucial factor which often plays a major role in determining the success or failure of a venture. In instances where there are both linguistic and cultural differences between the two parties doing business it’s absolutely imperative to invest in professional translation services you can rely on. WhizWordz provides exactly this and is dedicated to providing highly experienced translators and quality translation in Singapore at affordable rates.

A translation services agency in Singapore dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service

Our translation services agency in Singapore has operated for over 10 years and has amassed an expert team of 1000 professional translators based both locally and internationally. Working in a dynamic range of language pairs, our translators are native speakers in the target language and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. This means that in particularly sensitive business transactions, our translation company in Singapore will be able to provide an experienced translator with not only the linguistic skills required to communicate in the appropriate tone and style that suits the clients needs, but also the relevant cultural knowledge to ensure everything runs smoothly. The accurate, reliable, and versatile service we provide can help to support your business as it develops an international presence and reposition itself as a truly global brand.

Our company’s commitment to providing outstanding professional translation services has helped us establish a sound reputation and was recognised with the Singapore Business Excellence Award in 2011/ 2012.

In addition to these services, we also provide copywriting, typesetting, certified document translation and both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

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  • “Impressed at the speed this job was done and we didn’t need to go through multiple rounds to tell you what we want. Always contactable and great to work with.”

    - AXA Life Insurance
  • “They are attentive to my brief and respond promptly to my requests. The final copywriting was written to my satisfaction.”

    - A-Guard Environmental
  • “Timelines were managed and kept, deliveries were always as promised, and communications was very warm, friendly and hassle-free.”

    - Tango Shark
  • “They are able to work well with tight timelines, even with multiple revisions in text. I look forward to more positive experiences with them.”

    - The Print Lodge
  • “WhizWordz conducts their business professionally and their translation services were fast, accurate and competitively priced.”

    - Sembcorp Design & Construction
  • “meticulous in their work and their responsiveness has been commendable in helping
    us to meet our timelines.”

    - Prudential Assurance
  • articles were translated with accuracy. Tamil typeset was also completed speedily.. exceptional service provided.

    - Chung Printing Pte Ltd
  • efficient and enabled us to meet the deadlines for major events

    - StreamServe Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
  • results have been very positive.. look forward to another wonderful working relationship with WhizWordz

    - mcCann Erickson Singapore